Extreme Gravy Wrestling
"Get ready to rrrrrrrumble.....in gravy. Welcome to the UK Gravy Wrestling Championships."

Parkour at Roller coasterPARKOUR ROLLERCOASTER from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

Running On A Rollercoaster...
Fight Club for Senior Citizens

Where The Elderly Fight...
Banned Anti McDonald Ad

People are awesome

Hollie loves to chew her toenails“Hollie loves to chew her toenails. She even likes to store the nails in her mouth after chewing them off!”
Obama with Japanese robot girl
The President Barack Obama Has A Little Fun With Japanese Robots...
World’s Biggest Chocolate Bar
Love Chocolate..Taste Take A Look At The Worlds Biggest Chocolate Bar....
[Video] Tornado Randomly Appears During Soccer Game
Suddenly a tornado appears from nowhere and scares the kids but its good that no one was hurt....
1200 cars racing at road at same time

These running 1200 toy cars models is, by artist Chris Burden, called Metropolis II, in which every hour 100,000...
Pillow Fight Started On Flying Plane

The aerial pillow fight started when dozens of coach passengers started throwing complementary comfort items and...
World's smallest Rubik's Cube Solved...2468
Unbelievable Spinning Disk...2385
How to fold a paper 10 times
I've been trying with normal paper but never succeeded. Obviously you can't have a big paper like shown in this video but tr...
Willow Smith-Jada-Mothers Day Drug RevealHard Hitting Revelation About Using Drugs Revealed In Mother's Day Talk
6 Year Old Plays With Gigantic SnakeGigantic Python Is Pet To 6 Year Old Boy Who Plays With Him And Rides On The Snakes Back.

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