China got world fastest super computer
Yesterday at the Annual Meeting of National High Performance Computing (HPC China 2010) in Beijing. China unveiled its Tianh...
Portable Breast Scanner can easily detect Breast Cancer with any pain and anywhere
Portable Breast Cancer Scans University of Manchester School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Recently ri...
Subaru-Powered flying car get approval as first functional flying car
The I-Tec Maverick, Subaru engine, has won the first certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for a flying car...
Photovoltaic spray paint can turn steel into solar panel
Photo: Flickr
Happy eco-world. They are near to solution.

Tata Steel Europe (formerly Corus) and Swansea ...
BikeNsound All-in-one Motorcycle featuring built-in audio system to let you rock on roads
I have seen many people customized their motorcycles and scooters for music system in local area. As such there was no initi...
HRP-4C Robot Dance at the Digital Content Expo 2010
AIST's HRP-4C robotic girl dancing at Digital Content Expo 2010. Many improvements are made in this model as it wasn't enoug...
Microsoft introduces Windows Embedded Automotive 7 for automobiles
Yesterday, at the SAE Convergence 2010 Conference and Exhibition in Detroit, Microsoft has announced the Windows Embedded Au...
Western Digital 3TB hard drive for $239
You know that 3TB hard drive that Western Digital slapped into its range of My Book external units earlier this month? Looks...
Innovative Multi Sense Trash Can be opened with your hands' movements
Innovation only makes sense if it's in sync with your needs. That's why our new sensor trash can has multi-sense™. It reac...
Flexible implantable LED lights gives you flashing style
People have been using tattoo for stylish look for a long time but there was not such innovations in methods except in desig...
Meet SURALP: Turkey's First Humanoid Robot
At last after the work of 8 years and cost of $1million Turkey has made first Turkish humanoid robot, and have joined the el...
A 1983 Leyland Titan converted into on-wheels classroom
Brett Dye, the head of Parc Eglos School near Helston, Cornwall (primary school) bought a 1983 Leyland Titan double decker b...
'Onskebronn' LED Installation in Berlin: Dance floor that responds dancers in real-time
Image Credit: AP

Dancing best but you floor is not responding? Introducing 'Onskebronn' Norwegian for wishing wel...
SBU V2.0: Self Balancing Unicycle, an easy ride
Perfect and ease ride for you kids, this self balancing unicycle has gone through various developments. Aside from a sleeker...
OMG! Chinese cloned Steve Jobs
Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway recently launched their new subway app MTR Mobile 2.0 yesterday. Our winandmac TV team in Hon...
Salsa Table brings people and idea together
The Salsa Table by designer Bram Boo can give you ultimate solution for brain storming and idea sharing ramp, four people ca...

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