Islamophobia, America’s New Anti-Communism?

Islamophobia was quick to rise after the 9/11 attacks in the US but recently it has emerged again, following controver...
CrossTalk: Pakistan Next Target for US?...3010
Demonizing Islam
Flower Carpet In Brussels

After every two years an event called "The Brussels' Flower Carpet" is celebrated, where a huge flower carpet is laid ...
Google Streetview Cars Meet Google Streetview Cars...3596
British couple builds a robot child

Meet Aimec, the creation of Tony and Judie Ellis, a robot building couple from South-East England. Aimec follows them ...
Twitter Movie Trailer: Rated Awesome...2011
New Wikileaks for Afghanistan coming soon

WikiLeaks will publish the last batch of secret documents on the Afghan war in “a couple of weeks”, the whistleblo...
Obama once again controversial for New York mosque project

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Friday backed construction of a proposed mosque and Muslim cultural center near...
World's Longest Working Email Address

A little interesting new record found, which is made by Pater Craig, is a World's longest working email address which ...
Rotating Outdoor Theater

NL Architects’s proposal for a new entertainment venue in Amsterdam makes Madison Square Garden seem like a funeral ...
Dumpster Swimming pools on Park Avenue

For the first time ever, New York City invites residents to swim in pools made from repurposed garbage dumpsters as pa...
Russian Forest Fire In Pictures

A devastating forest fire has been raging in Russia for the last 2 weeks, in the midst of a heat wave described by exp...
Samsung's world’s largest 65-inch 3D LED TV

Samsung undoubtedly has the broadest 3D LED TV lineup for home entertainment needs. Adding further to its list, Samsun...
Standing Army - A New Empire?

The US has encircled the world with a web of military bases that today amount to more than 700, in 40 countries. It's ...
Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian for ELLE Behind the Scenes...1490

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