World Largest Chocolate Bar

On Saturday Armenian company Grand Candy revealed the world’s largest-ever chocolate bar. its a 10-inch thick slab &...
AiRScouter displays projects images directly onto the retina

At Brother World Japan 2010, Brother Industries presented the AiRScouter, a head-mounted transparent display that proj...
Flexible Electronic Paper Display Just Out By Sony
Sony has revealed its flexible Electronic Ink Display, which uses rollable plastic substrate which is much lighter and can a...
Product Testing Institute: Stupid Answers By Blonds

Sony Ericsson just tried good to sell their Xperia™ X10 with this interesting ad to tell that they are smartest than...
Library Desk Made With Books

This is how to use book that are not being used because of internet.. but it very sad to see. One major reflection is ...
Ultraviolet Laser Make You Zombie

This method is invented by Japanese artists Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi, They use 405 nanometer leaser bean to fire...
We are also beautiful: Amazing shots of creatures...2425
Green grassy roofs of Norwegians

From centuries the natives of Norway have already been doing very much for environment by making eco friendly homes. T...
Russian 4G dual screen smartphone is coming soon...1401
Audio Dock by Audyssey's speakers are rocking

Audio Dock by Audyssey's is new iOs compatible speakers is available at $399, Bluetooth® wireless technology streams ...
Dell's Atom-powered Inspiron Duo

Opens as a tablet device but can be converted into a netbook by just opening to the keyboard & literally swiveling the...
Voice powered cell phone for eco

Scientists from Korea have turned the main ingredient of calamine lotion into a tiny material that converts sound wave...
155-inch OLED screen by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi introducing 155, inch LED screen soon to be launched at CEATEC to be held in October in Japan. It require 2...
solar-powered tourist boat by Kaohsiung

This solar powered boat, as its said the Asia's biggest solar powered tourists' boat is made by Kaohsiung shipping com...
Glass Speakers by Greensound Technology will rock your room

Inspired by the Ice Of A Glacier, these glass speaker are made by glass 100%. Each speaker rocks your room with 200Hz-...
Boyz N the Ring!...1226

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