Water Painting...1220
Solar toothbrushes kills your oral bacteria without using toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is a regular ritual for most people, and normally that involves both a toothbrush and toothpaste ...
Checking In with Facebook Places...1603
World's Longest Bench

The longest bench in Britain and soon to the longest one in the world was opened to the the public in Littlehampton, W...
A Heart Breaking Video From Pakistan...3447
One Wheel Electric Scooter By Ryno Motors

One Wheel Electric Scooter is self balancing hi tech one wheel scooter/bike by Ryno Motors. Watch out the video inside...
First nuclear plant in Middle East ready for start-up

One in four Americans believe Barack Obama is Muslim
Obama takes part in Sunday service at the Vermont Avenue Baptist church in Washington Photo: REUTERS

The resu...
Disneyland Sued By Muslim Woman
Imane Boudal is now bringing Disney before the US Equal Opportunity Commission Photo: AP

Imane Boudal, 26, as...
India becomes global drug trial ground for pharmaceuticals

Human rights groups are raising concern over India turning into a hot spot for drug trials, where hospital patients ar...
Location Sharing, Facebook New Feature

Facebook on Wednesday threw the switch on a new feature that lets US members of the social networking service share th...
Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot...1465
Whats In Your Bag By Jason Travis

Here is some creative work by Jason Travis. Jason Travis is 28 years old photographer from Atlanta. This time he has c...
Chicago Air & Water Show 2010

Every year in August Chicago Air & Water show takes place in Chicago. The held at Aug 14-15, where more than 2 million...
Seabreacher X Submarine Can Jump Upto 12 Feet Outside Water

The SeaBreacher X is a two seater boat, it looks like a great white shark, the Seabreacher X boosts the performance w...
iPhone Spy Stcik Of iPhone Spying

Recover deleted data from your iPhone - including text messages, calendar appointments, map searches, contacts & more<...

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