Tatiana and Krista twins who share a single brain
The odds of their conception were astronomical; of surviving in the womb, let alo...
Spanish woman claims she owns sun
After billions of years the Sun finally has an owner - a woman from Spain's soggy region of Galicia said she had registered ...
Amazing Music Beats Made with Bees
They wanted to see how far they could take the recordings of bees into the realm of music. The bee produces about 200-230 wi...
The cycle of chest hairs...59364
Artificial Beaches In Paris

This artificial beach is designed at a section of pedestrian bank along the river Seine in Paris named "Paris Beach". ...
Clown Funerals

It look absolutely bizarre but these pictures were taken at the Fairview Cemetery, in Springfield, where 79-year-old N...
Painted eyes makeup
Creative eyes makeup using paint.. [13 Shots]...
Extreme Accidents [99 Shots]
Some are unusual car accidents, some are really dangerous, where as some are really disastrous moves. But in two words all a...
Baseball hits cameraman but he keeps on recording
During American League Championship Series Brett Gardner's bat flew toward the broadcast video camera held by freelance vide...
Huge Coca-Cola vending machine But WHY?

This creative idea is by Ogilvy Argentina agency at Argentinian friendship day. They created a huge Coca Cola vending ...
Contestant injured while doing stunt at German reality TV show on which Justin Bieber was to appear
Samuel Koch jumps over a car during the 192th 'Wetten, dass ...?' show at the exhibition hall Dusseldorf on Dec. 4, in Duess...
Horse riding in back of car
A horse filmed riding in the back of a car had became a global internet sensation, following publication of the video on You...
Green farm at top of buses is a brilliant idea
Artist Marco Castro Cosio got a new idea to make existing buses eco friendly up to some extent.
‘Bus Roots’ earned ...
Paper Hand Cut Maps by Karen M. O’Leary
Artist Karen M. O’Leary owns some different form of art, which is not easy. She creates detailed maps of vari...
Super-parents Gil and Kelly Bates have 18 children and plans to continue?Truly blessed: The Bates family (from left to right) Ellie, Addallee, Isaiah, Warden, Jackson, Katie, Josie, Carlin, Trace, Tori, ...6722
Children's monsters' concepts painted by Dave Devries
Dave Devries created these monsters on the canvas. His art started from monsters' sketches drawn by children based on their ...

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