Funny Pictures Dump [48 Pics]
Funny pictures dump.. 48 Pics...
Extreme mountain camping
In these pictures some of the camps are hanging at more than 4000 ft from the ground....
Performing Street Monkeys of Indonesia
These are not ordinary monkey. They do work and earn all the day for their owners. These specially trained monkeys are stree...
Homemade Tanks of Mexican Drug Cartels
This is not about humor. Mexican drug cartels are very serious about their business and can do anything. That is why they ha...
How Big Is A Trucks Blindspot-Bigger Than You Would Ever GuessSomething to keep in mind when you ride along the sides of a truck.
21 Jaw-dropping Photo's Of Adrenalin Seeking PeopleNot many people can over-ride the body's natural survival instinct, but these unique fearless individuals do just that.
How To Quit YOUR Job

This creative young lady girl self captured herself with board messages and sent all images to her Colleagues & Boss a...
Hilarious Guy In News Everywhere

His nickname is “News Raider”. He is everywhere, We mean everywhere, where ever news cam goes. It is an unusual c...
World's tallest couple: Wayne and Laurie HallquistWayne Hallquist, 6 feet 10.4 inches tall and his wife Laurie Hallquist, 6 feet 5.95 inches from Stockton, California appear at an ...6745
India richest man Mukesh Ambani to move World's Expensive House
Costing $2 billion 27-floor skyscraper – named Antilla is the new home of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of...
Is it Real?...3495
Shark vs Human - at underwater tennisJaws-some: We get the feeling the human will let the shark win (Picture: Dunlop)
What, you didn't know sharks could play tenn...
Couple finally gets together after 45,000 emails
A Craigslist couple finally got together after a 12-year internet courtship involving 45,000 emails. Scott and Nicole McInty...
World's largest handheld yo-yo
Chris Allen has made the World's largest handheld yo-yo sized 35 inches across, 18 inches wide, and weighs 5.4 pounds....
World Longest Noodle: 100 Meter Long
Food for thought: Will Guinness World Records crown this the longest noodle on the planet? (Picture: CEN)
Claim as Worl...
Just WoW: Amazing silver beetle in Costa RicaMahaut Seitre, the photographer's nine-year-old daughter, is pictured with the silver beetle resting on her nose
They look li...

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