Diana vs Kate

Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially engaged, so we followed the style similarities between the soon to be Princess, Kate and former Princess William' mother Diana.

Diana vs Kate
Dressing down for these two ladies sees denim jeans worn with t-shirts; the addition of a black tailored jacket giving the look a stylish edge.Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
Skiing is an ever-popular pastime among royals, so Alpine chic is something every princess should know. Compare Diana's vibrant red ski jacket from an Austrian family holiday in 1994 to Kate's royal outing in Klosters and you can see that someone has been taking style tips.Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
In every fashion situation, Kate seems to echo the delicate styles of the much loved princess. Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
In colder temperatures, Miss Middleton has taken a tip from Di and realised that a lady looks good in a fur hat. It may have caused controversy, but the mink hat that Kate wore at the Cheltenham horse-racing festival in 2006 had as much impact as a similar one worn by Diana at Christmas 1994.Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
Previously US celebrity magazine People called Kate "Part Di and totally dashing'' - and it's not hard to see what they mean.Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
Both Diana and Kate evidently shared a loved for tan winter boots.Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
All we need now is for Kate to have a wedding dress as splendid as Diana's.Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
Dark glasses and pretty printed dresses were also the order of the day going about business around town - the stylish shades an attempt to remain incognito from the ever-present paparazzi. Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
When attending a formal event, Diana and Kate both opted for eye-catching skirts and jackets, with custom-made hats to top off the look. Di wore this style well at an event at London's Café Royal in 1989, while Kate pulled it off at a society wedding in 2005.Image Credit: Rex Features

Diana vs Kate
From dressed-down knitted sweaters or cardigans at the polo, to the sophistication of the ultra-chic business-like suit, the two ladies look good at any occasion.Image Credit: Rex Features


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