Zipbuds are just awesome
Its not zip at all, these are upcoming headphones for just stylish people, just got there from here, even source of news don...
Adonit Writer keyboard + folio: Probably best keypad for iPad
The adonit Writer keyboard + folio builds-in a a keyboard for iPad that connects via bluetooth included a quick iPad release...
58" Table Connect for iPhone 4
Here comes the Table Connect for iPhone, a 58-inch multi-touch surface that can be connected with iPhone 4 using a 30-pin do...
Apple’s vanilla Bluetooth keyboard is cool as Geeks are
Ping ping! This is Apple’s vanilla Bluetooth keyboard. Looks cool huh? It comes with a bunch of stickers for assigning ...
This Teddy Bear can read twitter updates for you while you working
What if you have a robot that talks to you? or what if you have a robot that communicate you with your friends' message?
Da Vinci Micro Flying Machine is the world's smallest flying toy
Interactive's infra red Da Vinci Micro Flying Machine is probably the smallest remote controlled ornithopter in the world.5486
Let never get lost by using DoCoMo's Augmented Reality Glasses
Japanese company NTT Docomo introduces its Augmented Reality Glasses for travelers to never lost in their tours. AR Walker n...
iPhone Portable Amplifier, Horn Stand[center]
Slip the BONE Horn Stand speaker onto your iPhone for lo-fi amplification simplicity. Using old-fashioned acoustical...
Alright Cool Guys! Get GoPro Hero HD wearable camera and do whatever you want to do
Introducing amazing GoPro Hero HD, a tiny wearable cam to record your funny video clips and specially useful for skaters, ra...
Solar Powered LEGO NXT Robot
dSolar Systems allow you to power your Lego Mindstorms NXT robot using nothing but the sun! This 9V solar power system is co...
Limited Edition Luxury Pioneer's Gold Coated Headphone You Luxstyle
Soon to release for $200 in December to rock you luxstyle with gold coated headphones, HDJ-1000s is not luxury but also an u...
Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone
The Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone works with two touchscreen at the same time, like to other. both in portrait and landslid...
Windows Phone 7 Reviews - Windows Phone 7 Wrap-Up...1607
Quad-Lensed The Minox PX3D Compact 3D Camera
The cute little Minox PX3D Compact Camera captures 3D shots by using 4 lenses, by taking four shots at once clicks, each fro...
With 'Transcend' measure what you watching
'Transcend' provides real-time feedback including speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance traveled, total dis...
LED “Watch oNe" changes style as per your requirement
Igor Chack brings most stylish LED watch, which changes its screen style as much as you want including mechanical movement l...

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