Rolls-Royce Apparition by Jeremy Westerlund
This amazing Rolls-Royce concept was created by Jeremy Westerlund from Dallas. Named as Rolls-Royce Apparition project was d...
Transparent bubble tent puts campers under the stars (but careful where you get undressed!)Plenty of bounce: The transparent and inflatable bubble tent has been designed to give campers a panoramic view of the countryside...8555
Strand Craft comes up with new 166-ft Megayacht
Strand Craft comes up a with new 166-ft Megayacht that can transform its svelte shape on water. Like other yachts, the Stran...
16 Creative Bus Stops[center]
..Going by bus somewhere is not very boring but the wait for the bus to come is a very big headache. What if you get...
Bingo: Rotating smart gun holder

Revolver gun safe from Pendleton Valuables Management is smart and safe weapon managements system. You can place...
Amazing paper made watch
Amazing paper made watch that looks like the real thingl by lobulo design...
Very very dangerous pen holder
Don't shoot!

This clever shotgun pen holder challenges users to see a controversial object in a new way. Meant fo...
Jaume Plensa's amazing sculptures are very eye catching
Jaume Plensa Sculpture designer belongs to Spain and known around the world for his amazing art. His art is very expensive b...
Portable Exercise Furniture
This Friday’s Museum of Possibilities employs several themes that are found in many of my pseudo-inventions: Hiding, dupli...
Amazing Wall Murals by Eric Grohe
Eric Grohe create amazing and realistic wall murals that look so real that one will feel real scene from distance. He makes ...
Incredible Graphite Sculptures By Agelio Batle
Agelio Batle San Francisco, talented based artist makes beautiful, elegant and smooth graphite sculptures. His work features...
3D Portraits made up of thousands of screws
Andrew Myers is California-based artist makes incredible 3D sculptures with thousands of screws through a multi-step. These ...
Amazing And Awesome Museum Of Glass In The OrientThis is an amazing museum which showcases some fantastic displays of glass. Located in China it boasts some of the most intriguing...1691
Barack Obama Sculptures by Adam Beane
Adam Beane is a unique sculptor maker. Since 2002 he is known for dynamic compositions and famous for his detailed sculpture...
Hoverbike that runs in the air
Hoverbike is a concept of flying bike that uses two rotors to keep the bike float in the air. Constructed in Australia by C...
THIS toothbrush; inspired by MISWAK
This is not a modern toothbrush but known as MISWAK, mostly used by Muslims before every pray 5 Times a day (Sunnah of Proph...

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