Typography World Maps
Typomaps is an amazing idea by German designer Dirk Schächter. Using Helvetica Neue font, Dirk Schächter has perfectly pla...
BABYOOM: A Multi-Functional Pram
It look very innovative idea. Designers Jeong Haedong & Bae Junseong developed the idea of this modern prams. It looks simpl...
Facebook dress to let you go social?Literally. Maybe the freshest creation of a young Romanian designer in the last years, Lana's facebook dress is a sight to behold....1849
informative garbage bags
Biomass is an efficient energy source ans we all produce it at out homes unknowingly. The trash bags are designed by Ahhapro...
Study Bots is the stationary you can play with
Stationary is always been boring, thats why lazy kids, like me, don't take any interest in study. But not now, the featured ...
Public Place Project: 'Circular Bike'
This installation's astonishing idea is by artist. A creation entitled “Circular Bike" made up of 9 frameworks of yellow...
Occupation mugs :Cool Office Mugs
Mugs printed as if used by people from various occupations. Occupation is printed on the base of the mug. [12 Designs]
Poetry of Efficiency: Amazing Green Lights
The “Poetry of Efficiency" is created by Tom Strala. this lamp seeks to address the line between hate an love for the ne...
islamikawaii Muslim Art
isiklamawaii is a blend of islamic and modern japanese sensibilities borne of my desire to islamize kawaii or give islamic f...
Rotating structure works as eco-friendly homes
Domespace circular house is an amazing idea to make our eco-friendly homes. It can easily rotate away from sunny heat which ...
AirChair enables you to sit while you ski
AirChair is new innovation in the sport of skiing. Its flexible material enables you to keep more balance while skiing on th...
Illusive Nils Nova Image Installations little cool and little crazy
Try Nils Nova installation and let lost in your own home. Nils Nova use illusive mind-bending images to create a fake room o...
Husbands, never give this Bizarre Wedding Ring to your wives
I'm just shocked to see this crazy wedding ring by Kate Bauman, looks very creative but it would be very dangerous in actual...
McDonald's Creative Advertisement for United Arab Emirates
full size image

Advertising Agency: FP7 McCann, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Georges El Hoyek
Art Dire...
Tablecloth D.I.Y Do it Yourself
Add fun to your mealtimes with this Do it yourself Tablecloth.
Use the markers to create your own unique collage that ...
Glamorous Stellavie lamps can make your room cool
Stellavie lampshades are created by just using paper and card, look very creative and makes room cool. The light from tiny h...

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