Hammerhead high-performance desktop computer
The Hammerhead HMR989 is a custom, high-performance desktop computer designed by DARWINmachine. Each chassis is made to orde...
Magnifying Glass with Adjustable Zoom
The first magnifying glass with zoom function. Magnifies without distortion from 2.2 to 3.4x.

Slightly rotate the...
ice bike sculpture by Sculptor Krisztian Pogany in London
Sculptor Krisztian Pogany a sculpture maker made this 'Ice Bike' by cutting and trimming the ice blocks at London, Canada Sq...
Ever been left with unsightly watermarks or abusive messages written in the condensation of your bathroom mirror?
The Polaroid iPhone Decal

The Polaroid iPhone Decal - BUY it here for $6.00...
tea duckie
Rubber Duckie you're the one, you make tea time lots of fun! Enjoy your cup of tea with your new floating tea infuser. This ...
Human inner beauty t-shirt
Show your inner beauty
Human torso model
100% cotton T-shirt
Single size women & men

BUY it here f...
TANK UP - Cool coffee mugs
Runnin’ on empty? Well, fill this mug with the hi-test beverage of your choice and watch the gauge climb all the way to th...
Mercedes covered with over 10,000 pens
A graphic designer has come up with a novel way of using discarded pens instead of binning them: He sticks them to his car. ...
Chop Round Knife
Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere has made this simple knife design that sits well in the hand and which has an amusing and aesth...
German university installs gigantic slides
its not a building model. Technische Universitat in Munich, Germany recently added gigantic slides to help students to come ...
Bingo Hand Grenade Oil Lamp
If you have some extra Grenades at your home then you can make this kind of 'Hand Grenade Oil Lamp', lol just kidding
Heinz Automato57 Ketchup Robots Pours Ketchup With Style & Speed
Everyone loves ketchup but its really irritating when it get lower in bottles. These Heinz Automato special bots help to dis...
Mini makes real snow globe to advertise its 'Countryman'
It is always very difficult for an advertiser to stand out during holiday season. Mini USA has brought imaginary approach in...
Robert The’s Bookguns
Literature art - Robert The’s Bookguns isn't dangerous as they look like, these creative pieces are made by cutting old bo...
Generate your own Facebook profile art with Oudin Profiles Generator
We showed you Creative Facebook Profile creativeArt By Alexandre Oudin earlier. It was crazy and awesome idea. Now you can a...

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