World's most useless machine
World's most useless machine
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Cool Potato Powered Alarm Clock
You may use potatoes as a good source of potassium, but now potato can help you to wake up in the morning. This alarm clock ...
Hug Me Mug Cup Pair
This named Hug Me Mug Cup.
This cups make your love so strong!!hahaha

size H7.8cm×W10.5cm×D7cm - BUY i...
Geeky message shirt
Angry Birds in Bento Box
This Angry Bird creation in a Bento Box was made by the guys at mymealbox, which is showing a bird and a green piggy in edib...
Radford Willis Giant Office Accessories For Division of Space
Property developer Land Securities had a spare floor in their office which they wanted to give it on rent. The room was due ...
Vertical Gardens
Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Garden System, known as Le Mur Vegetal in French, use to grow plants int the walls of the buildin...
Wonderland cutlery
Wonderland spoons feature 2X magnification for your food scrutiny pleasure. It allows you put thoughts into the characters h...
Goggle Umbrella
25togo Goggles Umbrella enables you to watch everything around you with proper covering of your head in the rain. If you are...
Wearable planter by Colleen Jordan
Colleen Jordan designed this noval planter concept that people can wear in their neck.
Why should your plants stay at ...
Bovet Pininfarina Cambiano Masterpiece Watch
This beautiful watch is made collaboration of Italy’s Pininfarina with the Swiss watchmaking company Bovet. Cambiano is be...
True Colours: Creative advertisement campaign for Pens
What do you want in a good pencil? A good grip, a nice pen, or may be good colors like Mouse gray, lime green, eggplant, whi...
Masking Tape Art By BUFFdiss
BUFFdiss is an Australia based artist, he creates art by using strips of masking tape. His huge interactive art at public pl...
Muppet Balloon Animals By Black Cat Balloon Company
Amazingly shaped animal balloon collection named as Muppet Project by the Black Cat Balloon Company. Get some.. [4 Shots]...
Cool Signature Light Bulbs
Brian Donnelly (known as KAWS) is Brooklyn-based artist recently launched the 'Signature Light Bulb' rand with collaboration...
Chinese Military Shovel - Multi Function Handy Tool
The chinese military use it as multi-functional tool to perform more than 20 functions such as a spade, an axe, a hammer, a ...

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