Shark vs Human - at underwater tennis

Shark vs Human - at underwater tennis
Jaws-some: We get the feeling the human will let the shark win (Picture: Dunlop)

What, you didn't know sharks could play tennis? It turns out, as this picture proves, that they absolutely love the game, especially when the opposition doubles as lunch.

In actual fact, the man taking his serve isn't merely wacky shark bait, but a very brave man testing Dunlop's new Biomimetic tennis range at the London Aquarium.

The thinking behind the stunt was that since Dunlop's new Aeroskin racket was inspired by sharkskin, it'd be a great idea to plonk someone in a tank with Jaws' cousin and see how he got on, specifically, to see how much drag the racket produced.
We hear he survived to tell the tale, but weren't told what the score was.

Top tennis stars including Nikolay Davydenko, Fernando Verdasco and Jurgen Melzer will also be using the range, though probably won't be trying it out against any watery killers.
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