1 in 10 Facebook friends won't be human by 2015

1 in 10 Facebook friends won't be human by 2015

A new report about Facebook future shows, that 1 in 10 Facebook friends will not be human by 2015. Why? because, they'll be bots. These bots will be automated software programs used by corporate sector to inject there brand in social lives.

Jackie Cohen says:
Don’t misread “nonhuman” here. We’re talking about bots. Right now companies employ humans to promote brands through profiles and pages. By mid decade, this will get fully automated.

It may not sound like a huge deal, but Cohen notes that the "average user has about 100 or so friends, and that’s supposed to reach 500 in the not-too-distant future." In other words their would be 50 bots in each account as friend in 2015, and bots are more likely to spread malware or may be viruses by hackers.

"That could open a big can of whoop-ass if people don’t learn to screen friend requests." Jackie Cohen says. Read All Facebook report here.