Certified World's smallest woman

Certified World's smallest woman
Tiny: The world's smallest woman Hatice Kocaman with her mother Hatun, in Kadirli, Turkey

A woman who weighs little more than a new-born baby spoke of her joy today after being certified as the world's smallest woman. Hatice Kocaman, just 28in tall, said she overcame bullying to become globally famous for her size.

Speaking at her home in Kadirli, Turkey, sahe said:
I always hoped that one day the world would recognise me. It was hard when I was a child because all my classmates used to tease me for being small. But now I am famous because of my size. So it makes me feel like I am much taller. I hope to travel and to meet lots of people including the tallest man in the world. God made me the way I am and I am proud of that. I hope I can find someone who will love me one day.

The 21-year-old, who suffers from dwarfism, lives with her parents Ibrahim and Hatun and was also recently certified as the second-smallest adult human alive by the Guiness Book of Records. The only adult she is taller than is Nepalese man Khagendra Thapa Magar who at 25.8 inches is the world's smallest person.

Certified World's smallest woman
Proud: The record-holder said she was bullied at school but happy to be famous