Philips 42PFL6805 Is Europe's Greenest TV

Philips 42PFL6805 Is Europe's Greenest TV

Philips introduces Europe's greenest TV with solar remote control. Philips continuously strives to make it simple for consumers to reduce their impact on the environment, particularly in the areas of lowering energy consumption; reducing material usage in production and packaging; reducing the use of hazardous substances; and improving recyclability. In line with this holistic approach, Econova LED TV represents the next step in eco-design.

As Europe's greenest TV, Philips Econova LED TV uses the latest LED lighting technology reducing energy consumption by up to 60% -- the lowest in its category -- whilst delivering best-in-class picture quality.

And with Econova LED TV, off is really off. Its Zero power switch means that -- unlike other TVs on the market -- when you switch your TV off, power consumption is reduced to 0 watt. Econova LED TV is made from materials that are easy to recycle and have been used before. Even so, Econova LED TV exudes quality thanks to its solid high-quality aluminium housing.


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