Wikileaks & Future of Afghan War?

Wikileaks & Future of Afghan War?

At passed money the American administration was shocked when wiki leaked out over 91000 secret reports . The obama administration is not seem to be at sinking ship. They even can't manage to give proper answer for question being raised by International media. At the same time Pentagon declared the leaks as criminal act. But founder of wikileaks Julian Assange defended wikileaks.

Now the leaked report have become threats for Obama administration & their coalition in Iraq Afghan war with other countries. Meanwhile Robbert Gibbs said:

It poses a very real and potential threat to those who are working every day to keep us safe

Where as Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks said at press conf at monday in London:

Our group has held back 15,000 of the documents as it decides whether their publication has security implications.
The documents show evidence of potential war crimes.

Pakistan Rejects Wikileaks as Husain Haqqani (Pakistan's ambassador to the United States) Said:
Pakistan's government under the democratically elected leadership of President [Asif Ali] Zardari and Prime Minister [Yousuf Raza] Gilani is following a clearly laid out strategy of fighting and marginalizing terrorists and our military and intelligence services are effectively executing that policy.

But now the question is that in this wiki & statements war where so called US war against terrorism drama will fall?

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