Smartphones Turned Into Home Monitoring Gadgets-New Tech

Smartphones Turned Into Home Monitoring Gadgets-New Tech

Smartphones Turned Into Home Monitoring Gadgets-New Tech

New Tech With Old Phones

Great new technology turns your old smartphones into new home monitoring devices.

Who doesn't have a few old phones laying around the house serving no purpose?

Now, you can turn those old cell phones into great new additions to your home security needs.

As your life goes by you are surrounded and supported by the people and things around you, your family, your loved ones, and the things that matter most to you but what happens when there's no one there to protect and support them.

Introducing Presence, a device that can confidently and reliably stand-in for you when you're not there.

Presence is a device that gives new life to your old Smartphone transforming it into a Wi-Fi home security camera with a full degree view of its surroundings traditional security cameras let you see only one static view leaving you blind to what's outside its visual range Presence allows you to look all around leaving no blind spots while you check on your home it's easy to use and only takes minutes to set up here's how it works

Download the Presence app on your old Smartphone it works with both IOS and Android phones place it between the Presence arms and adjust for a snug fit connect it to a power source to keep it charged then from your personal Smartphone or tablet remotely set up your Presence camera customizing it to your specific needs you can adjust your vantage point remotely by panning and tilting within the app or set up to three unique point of view Presence will automatically cycle through those points of view providing you with a convenient set of automatic view settings for instance .

The camera towards the front door then set it as your viewpoint and name it you can adjust for how long Presence should hold onto that viewpoint before it moves on to the next one add one or two more points of view like the kitchen and back door so you are always aware of those areas in your home put your old Smartphone back to work and have Presence standing for you giving you peace of mind that comes with having a well-protected home.

Technology is great!

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