Bad Parenting-Couple Abandon Child To Play Pokemon Go

Bad Parenting-Couple Abandon Child To Play Pokemon Go

Bad Parenting-Couple Abandon Child To Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Crazy.

People are really Go-ing crazy over this game, and they are committing all kinds of crazy acts because of their pursuits to capture the different Pokemons.

People are falling off precarious places injuring themselves, they are breaking into private property, they are risking life and limb venturing into unsafe areas and places, but let's say that's fine. All the bizarre behavior, self-injury, stupid decisions are all well and good to some degree, but what is not acceptable is what an Arizona couple did to play the game.

Brent Daley, 27, along with his wife Brianne Daley, 25, embarked on a Pokemon Go adventure which required them to leave their 2-year-old boy at their San Tan Valley home, southeast of Phoenix, for 90 minutes in heat reaching 100 degrees.

What made this even worse was they left the 2-year-old without any water while they played Pokemon Go in the surrounding neighborhoods.

A neighbor had called 911 to notify police about the abandoned child. Police upon seeing the child noticed he was in bad condition, he was barefoot, dirty and crying. The police entered the child's residence and found a number to contact the dad. Once they contacted the father they told him to get back home right away and that they had his child,

The father's reply to the police was, "Whatever".

When the couple eventually returned home they confessed they had left the child so they could go and play Pokemon Go.

Even though this story seems far-fetched and reads like an article on a spoof website, unfortunately, it is very real.

Needless to say, their Pokemon Go playing days will be severely hampered in the future.

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