Spider Does Something That No One Has Ever Seen

Spider Does Something That No One Has Ever Seen Before

Spider Does Something That No One Has Ever Seen

Amazing Nature

Nature never fails to amaze people, as each day progresses you can count on Nature revealing new and interesting things.

From the beginning of time all creatures have adapted for the survival of their species, they gave developed new limbs, senses, abilities and just about anything else that they have needed to advance their existence.

Once in awhile through the stroke of luck man is privy to some of these amazing abilities.

For example, a couple of guys were removing a spider out of their house with the intention of freeing it outside. One guy was using a glass to facilitate the move.

While doing so he accidentally broke one of the spider's legs with the edge of the glass.

After this happened the two guys witnessed something amazing. The spider began to spin a silk web around the wounded leg and continued to do so until a makeshift cast existed around the broken leg.

Evidently this particular spider must have been in someone's home where he picked this medical procedure up from watching a few medical shows.

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