Gator Drags 2 Year Old Into Water At Disney Resort

Gator Drags 2 Year Old Into Water At Disney Resort Inches Away From Shocked Father

Gator Drags 2 Year Old Into Water At Disney Resort

Family Horror.

It's not the type of thing you would fathom happening at one of the happiest places on earth.

People go to the Disney Resorts to live out dreams and fantasies, to experience magical moments, adults enjoy moments of childhood again and kids make memories that they will reflect back on as adults.

The lights, the attractions, the giant Disney characters all add up to incredible experiences, experiences that do not include the horrors suffered by this one family.

A father was spending time with his 2-year-old playing by one of the bodies of water, the child was wading in shallow water at the edge of the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney's Grand Floridian resort when an alligator attacked the little boy and pulled him down in the water. The shocked father attempted to free the child from the alligators grip to no avail.

A search team of about 50 people attempted to locate the boy, with the hope that somehow he would have survived, but that proved to be fruitless, and the child's body was recovered much later.

The child was identified as Lane Graves of Elkhorn, Nebraska.

This is something no one probably thought could happen at this type of vacation resort, but hopefully out of this tragedy, future vacationers will be more aware of the possibiity of these type of occurences.