Boy Caught On Cam Sneaking In Neighbor's Garage

Boy Caught On Cam Repeatly Sneaking In Neighbor's Garage But His Reason Was Heart Touching

Boy Caught On Cam Sneaking In Neighbor's Garage

A Homeowner, Hollie Mallet, was going over some video from her survelliance camera and discovered something that took her by surprise.

She saw a young boy on several occasions sneaking into her garage.

The reason he was sneaking into her garage took her by surprise, because the little boy was running into her garage to give her pet dog, hugs.

Her pet dog, a black labrador, by the name of Duchess, had become friends with the little boy.

The little boy by the name of Josh, had recently lost his dog and his parent were giving him time to heal, but Josh and Duchess showed it was time to bond.

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