Breaking Bad Season 6-The Rise Of Walter White

Breaking Bad Season 6-The Rise Of Walter White-The Return Of BREAKING BAD

beaking bad returns to amcbeaking bad returns to amc


It's been done before so waiting for, "BREAKING BAD" to return was not a far-fetched thing for Breaking Bad Fans to hope for.

Television Series have been cancelled, for a few years and been revived. Some series were brought back to life when other networks have picked them up. Some have been brought back due to the relentless beggings of those fans who would not rest until their beloved show was brought back.

In the world of Television anything can happen, just like in the movies. We have seen characters die certain deaths, or so we thought, because writers can write anything, and we help them with the Willing Suspension Of Disbelief utilized to the fullest.

In the world of BB, Walter White stated he was the DANGER, and in the world of Walter White he could just as well be the RISEN.

Did Brian Cranston hint at the return of Breaking Bad, when he answered, Never Say Never, when asked about it on CNN.

breaking bad returns to tvbreaking bad returns to tv

The Promo for this following trailer states:
Walter White seemed to have lost everything; but he hasn't lost his life.

Breaking Bad season 6 trailer.

Is it really real? Can it be what we have waited for? Did Jon Snow come back to life in Game Of Thrones..Yes He Did! Will we see more of Walter White's Heisenberg and Jesse? Never Say Never!