Rapper Drake Get The Hotline Bling Scared Out Of Him

Rapper Drake Get The Hotline Bling Scared Out Of Him!

rapper drake scared on tv

Ellen Sets Up Major Scare For Drake.

Rapper Drake was having a ball on the Ellen show when all of a sudden he had the living daylights scared out of him.

He reacted with open mouthed terror and body spasms, which was hilariously funny to the onlooking audience.

ellen show scares rapper drake

There's nothing like a good scare to get the blood flowing, and Drakes blood nust have been traveling at light speed.

He took it in a good stride when he regained his composure, but you can tell he was really caught off guard.

Anyone who ever watches the Ellen show knows that people do jump out that box at times, but you never know when, and Drake definitely did not know when his time was due.

The stunt scare was so well liked, Ellen asked her fans to generate a few internet memes, to go along with the prank afterwards.