Creepiest Shark In The World

Creepiest Shark In The World.

Creepiest Shark In The World

One Big Mouth With Many Tiny Teeth.

This amazing shark looks as though it could swallow a person whole and no one would ever know what happened to you.

It's called, "The Basking Shark" and it glides through the water at a nice steady speed of about 2 knots.

It weighs about 5 tons, grows on an average to 40 feet long, is the second largest fish in the ocean, and it's mouth is an astounding 3 feet wide, it's teeth are only a quarter of an inch big.

Creepiest Shark In The World

They are often mistaken for Great Whites, but they have no interet in humans, as their diet is totally based on zooplankton.

Amazing creatures of the deep sea.