World's Most Ridiculously Long Airport Line Is Totally Insane

World's Most Ridiculously Long Airport Line Is Totally Insane

This Can't Be Real
insanely long airport security lineinsanely long airport security line

This Can't Be Real...But It Is.

This line would scare anyone from ever going to an airport again in life.

If this is how it's going to be, then other modes of transportation will definitely have to be considered, if you are not in an extreme hurry to get to a destination.

Generally, airports suggest you get to the airport a few hours before your scheduled flight, but it looks as though these people may be in line up to a day.

One passenger saw how long the line was and decided to film it, and even though he recognized the line was extremely long, he did not imagine in his wildest dreams, how long the line actually was, it literally looked as though it was crossing state lines.

In the quest for safer flights, different security measures have been put in place, and this is one of the main reasons, lines get this ridiculously long.

This particularly crazy long line occurred at The Chicago Midway Airport.

One company loves lines and loves longer lines even more. their workers inform people in these outrageously long lines that for approximately the cost of 179 dollars, they can jump out of the long line and head straight to the front. Can you imagine how much money the CLEAR a day, in fact that is their name...CLEAR.