Guy Creates Unbelievable Shapes Blowing Smoke

Guy Creates Unbelievable Shapes Blowing Smoke-Smoke Tricks Master

This guy is good.

This guy is some sort of wizard when he blows smoke rings and controls the shape, sizes, and dimensions of them.

A fan asked us how to do smoke tricks, after seeing someone perform a few, and after we showed them how, we stumbled upon this guy.

Evidently he has been perfecting his art for awhile, but that's with most things, if you want to stand out it takes practice, practice, and more practice.

Now, we know smoking is is bad for your health, people have been raising that concern for a long time now, but people do what they do.

You can smoke but you don't have to inhale, as said once, by a well liked President of the USA.

Now that we have that out the way, this particular guy whether he is inhaling or not, seems to be performing an almost greatest magic trick ever, as he performs his one man show of controlling smoke shapes.

It's almost like the smoke is there to do his bidding.

Watch him in action.....

When it comes to skill levels, this guy will run blow rings around some of the best.

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