Top 13 Insanely Crazy Internet Challenges That Went Viral

Top 13 Insanely Crazy Internet Challenges That Went Viral!

Don't Do It...

The words of the sane people scream, but for some of the people who love a dare and want their 15 minutes of fame via doing some of these crazy internet challenges, those word are no deterrent.

These people welcome the craziest that comes along with these internet challenges, that are born out of social media.

Most of these challenges after successful completion, still leave a memory for the willing participants, some memories not being too good.

When people do these challenges, sometimes they get fame for being the person that did a
viral challenge gone horribly wrong , and they paid a hefty price for that fame.

Some people have tried to start a challenge that was so crazy, no one else bothered to try it, even the craziest people know when there is a too
insane viral challenge .

Some things are best left to those who don't mind a little unnecessary pain and suffering.

Most people may take a rollercoaster ride for excitement, do a little bungy jumping, skydiving, or things of that nature for adrenaline fueled fun.

They end up in far better shape than some of the participants of these viral internet challenges.

Sometimes an individuals
golden rules of life , keep them from indulging in these types of behaviors, while others go full speed ahead and try some of these craziest internet challenges below:

baby food challengebaby food challenge

cinnamon challengecinnamon challenge

drinking challengedrinking challenge

bug eating challengebug eating challenge

fire challengefire challenge

Top 13 Insanely Crazy Internet Challenges That Went Viral

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