What Happened-Kid Puts Lit CherryBomb In Mouth

What Happened-Kid Puts Lit CherryBomb In Mouth

kid puts lit cherrybomb in mouth

-Bad Idea! 101

What happened to the kid who put a lit cherrybomb in his mouth , to make him even consider doing such a crazy thing?

Was he that bored, did he think nothing serious would happen, was he doing a dare, did he just want to experience an adrenaline fueled moment.

People who saw this video have a thousand different questions, trying to find out the why behind this, most would agree, foolish act.

Hopefully this doesn't become one of those
top social media viral challenges , that leave people looking very strange or in pain. Hopefully it doesn't become anything but this one guys not-so-smart 15 minute of fame.

What happened to this chinese kid after he lit the cherrybomb and put it in his mouth?

No one knows as of yet, but you can guess nothing good came out of it.

Another thing to add to the Don't Try This At Home (or anywhere else) book.



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