Things You Shouldn't Do-Smashing Car Windows With Head

Things You Shouldn't Do-Smashing Car Windows With Head.

smashing car windows with head


How To Smash Car Windows With Your Face Is Probably Not A Subject Too Many People Try To Learn.

There's probably over a million things you should not do, and it would be an pretty exhausting list to create or even to read, but some of these things rise to the surface quicker than others.

For example:

You should never spit into the wind, especially if it's blowing in your direction.
You should never look into the barrel of a gun while cleaning it, without making sure there's no bullet in the chamber.
Never fart in a closed room unless there is at least 2 other people in it, it's okay if you are alone.
You should never go trick-or-treating the day after Halloween.
Blow spit bubbles on a first date.
Wear your shoes on the wrong feet on a first date.
Make faces at people through the windows of a car on a highway, although this could be pretty fun.

Try to smash a car window with your head or face, which is the reason we are here...

Remember this is one of the things you really should not try, no matter how fun it looks, or how hard your head is, and no matter how many times your parents have called you,"Hard-Headed" for not doing what they told you, or doing what they told you not to do..we're probably rambling now, but we did try to break a car window alittle while ago with our head..JK.


Thanks to the crazy stunt pulling guys of POR for some amazing footage.