Wildest Dancing You Ever Seen In Life

Wildest Dancing You Ever Seen In Life!

Learn How To Do The Daggering Dance...yeah right!, only if you are brave enough.

wild jamaican daggering dancingwild jamaican daggering dancing

What In The World...

We have seen some popular dance crazes before, that have endured the test of time, but something tells us this will not be around too long.

Injuries are piling up already, and dancing is supposed to be fun and injury free.

This dance should have you take out insurance before you engage in it, or at least put on knee and elbow pads. Some dances look dangerous, but are not.

It looks downright dangerous, but more and more teens are loving it.

Especially in Jamaica, where this form of dancing has it's roots.

It's called Daggering, and that's probably because they seem to being using their body parts to inflict the same pain as a bunch of daggers.

The teens do seem to enjoy it though, and perhaps in the thrones of the musical beat, your body is enveloped by some invisible protective bubble.

Dancing can be universally understood like music, certain dances can communicate, what people are feeling, this daggering seems to communicate, hurt me.

One thing for sure, no one with any age on them, should even attempt these maneuvers.

To Daggering or not to Daggering, that will never be the question.