Downright Scary Facebook’s Newest Feature

Downright Scary New Facebook Feature Scans Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Things Went Wrong 


Facebook has come out with some great new Facebook features, that we enjoyed.

It could happen again, you never know, but this one??

How many times have we changed our statuses from good things to bad.

How many times did we upload pictures of great new relationships that ended up bitter.


Those times when we made life changing decisions, and uploaded them to Facebook, but later they turned out to be the worse decisions we could have made.

How many times did we share those happy photos of BFF and Soulmates, who turned out to be our worse enemies and our not so soulmates in the least.

How many times did we just make mistakes, because didn't fully know how to use Facebook, the right way.

Those wild drunken party pics of us that were uploaded.

facebook scary changes

Those fights we were having with people that played out on social media.

All the bad moment that we didn't know would turn out to be bad moments that were uploaded.

All the sad days, bad days and moments that we choose to stupidly share.


All of these things were kept somewhere on Facebook, in the deleted but not really deleted area of Facebook, and now with a new Feature could be accessed for us to relive those moments, and for nosy eyes to peruse?

This would be totally opposite of the positive Facebook movies you can make yourself.

Well, take a look......

This would not be a Facebook Feature that too many people would embrace, in fact this Feature would be Downright Scary.

Hopefully nothing like this will come into fruition.

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