Best Front Flip Ever On A Hoverboard

Best Front Flip Ever On A Hoverboard

They are not that new on the scene, but they are still new enough, that people have not mastered all the tricks you can do with one of these gliding thing-a-ma-jigs.

guy does hoverboard frontflip

Most of these Hoverboards are self balancing, so they help you keep your balance fairly well, when you are moving down the road in a pretty straight pattern.

The more expensive ones like the Lexus Hoverboards, come with a whole lot more amenities.

They get a little tricky when you start adding extra moves, while on them.

Plus you should probably learn everything about Hoverboards first, so you will know how to handle them.

It seems to be in the natural order of things, to add more daring maneuvers to precarious sports equipment, to show off our mastery.

Who doesn't enjoy the affirmations of the onlooking crowd, as we show off our unique skills, and do things few others have done before.

This is probably the thought process running through this guys mind, and the minds of the onlookers, as he performs a masterful front flip on his hoverboard.

This is one of those, Don't Try This At Home, things unless you have put in the hours and perfected the skill level required to achieve success.

Watch this guy do an amazingly skillful front flip maneuver as the crowd waits in anxious anticipation...

Now if he could get that landing a little bit better...