The Number One Reason Building Trumps Wall Is Bad

main problem with trumps wallmain problem with trumps wall


Is a thought many people have running through their heads.

Would building a wall really be that bad or is it an overblown issue.

Mexico does not want anything to do with the financial burdens of a wall being built.

Donald Trump says it's nothing compared to debt that is owed, and the wall would only cost a few million dollars.

Some people look at as another Great Wall of China, or a wall to block North and South Korea.

A wall divides people, separates them, makes it difficult to get along.

There have been hundreds of reasons why building a wall could be good or bad.

When tasked with this important question, one reason rose up above all others, why building a wall would be bad...

Take a look at the
Number One Reason Building A Wall Would Be Bad and see if you agree!

why trumps wall would be bad

Now Ask Yourself Would Building A Wall Be Bad??

The Number One Reason Building Trumps Wall Is Bad

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