Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Is In This Picture Blending In

Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Is In This Picture Blending In So Well It's Hard To Find Him

See Him Yet?

Recently Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg shared some pictures of his dog, whose name is Beast, (same name as President Obama's THE BEAST Limousine but much less formidable than THE BEAST).

Zuckerberg titled the pictures of his dog, as Beast blending in around the house.

Blending in is exactly what he was doing, because anyone looking at the pictures are hard pressed to find the dog easily.

He blends into the scenery so well, you are almost led to believe it is a prank, but as later pictures reveal, he is in fact in them.

It may help to know what type of dog Mark Zuckerberg has, and the answer to that question is he has a Pugi.

Look at the following Images and see if you can find Mark Zuckerberg's Pugi Beast....

mark zuckerbergs pugi dog beastmark zuckerbergs pugi dog beast

zuckerbergs dog blending in at homezuckerbergs dog blending in at home

Did you find Beast The Pugi?

Still Blending Pretty Well, But A Much Better Revealing Picture On Page Two (2)

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