Bike Riders Get Chased By Ostrich

ostrich chases bike riders

Bike Riders Get Chased By Ostrich

Unexpected things that happen..

People always say, "Expect the Unexpected", but some times you can never expect what the unexpected will be, therein lies the problem with expecting.

No one in their out-of-box thinking would even come up with what happened to these bike riders, who were out for a day of enjoyable pedaling.

Taking in the air, the nice scenery, and enjoying a great way to exercise, these bike riders never suspected that their peaceful trip down the road would end up a bit scary.

While they were heading down the highway an enormous Ostrich decided to join in on the fun, by kicking in to high gear and chasing the bike riders.

It must have been some type of feeling going through the bikers minds, when they realized after looking back, what was occurring.

Who knows what goes through a persons mind when they see a gigantic creature behind them charging at full speed ahead.

Ostrich are not known to be violent creatures, but you never know.

The ostrich could have had a bad day and was looking for someone or some thing to take it out on.

Either way, what transpired was an humorous looking video of man vs Ostrich, as they raced down the road.

Wonder if they will have a rematch?

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