How To Tell The Most Dangerous Of People

How To Tell The Most Dangerous Of People.

tough grandma

Sometimes it's the Least Suspected Person.

You should never mess with people you do not know, not only because it is wrong, but because you never know what that person is capable of doing to you.

You can see a very small person and think you can bully them, but then you find out they have martial art skills, that would make Bruce Lee think twice.

You could see a very large person and figure they don't have the stamina or endurance to make it through a good fight, and they surprise you with the speed and agility of a Ninja.

You could see a weak looking elderly person, and they could surprise you with the strength found from some magical fountain of youth.

The bottom line is don't mess with anyone, live and let live.

For those who insist on messing with people, who may appear to be easy targets, hopefully you run into this old lady..

Who we can safely assume is probably the Most Dangerous Person on the train, and a grandma we all would not mind having...

tough old lady

Someone may get a rude awakening because Grandma Is Ready!

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