How To Tell You Might Be Classified As Weird

37 Pretty Undeniable Ways To Tell If You Might Be Classified Weird.

pretty weird girl

How weird are you?

We all have our own little quirks, idiosyncrasies, likes, dislikes, habits etc., but how many of these things may be classified as a little weird, or a whole lot of weird?

We are not talking about making funny faces, we are talking about Strange and Weird things.

pretty girls making silly facespretty girls making silly faces

Those things that not a great amount of people do, those things that a small percentage of people do, or those things that no one really does but you.

Now, that would be something definitely that would be classified weird, if you were the only person out of zillions, doing a particular thing.

weird acting ladyweird acting lady

Here are 37 things that could put you in the weird category.....

So, How Weird Are You? Your Friends? Family?