Top 10 Sports Most Insanely Heated Interviews

Top 10 Sports Most Insanely Heated Interviews.

athlete vs reportersathlete vs reporters

Athletes vs Reporters

In the game of sports, there are always winners and losers, and sometimes that happens outside of the actual sporting event.

Sometimes those moment occur when reporters and athletes clash.

There can be many factors on the line when interviews are given, and sometimes you are exposed, to the clash between egos.

The egos of the athlete being interviewed, and the egos of the reporters doing the interviews.

Athletes are sensitive to how they are perceived in the public eye, they want their skills and talents to be legendary, and when this persona gets slighted, heads begin to roll.

Reporters also want to shine in the public eye, they want to show they can ask the hard questions, and receive the answers they demand.

This doesn't work out perfectly every time, and when it doesn't tempers flare, egos are bruised, verbal insults fly, and on some occasions fists begin to fly.

Here are 10 Top Sports Insanely Heated Interviews, where tempers flare up in dramatic fashion.

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