A Little Girl A Garbage Man A Cupcake Breaks Internet

A Little Girl A Garbage Man A Cupcake Breaks Internet.

Hero's and Role Models come out of all types of situations, and this is one of those situations.

Who would have known that a cupcake and a little girls attachment to her garbagman would create such a sensation but it did and has.

Little 3-year-old Brooklyn Andracke, became the biggest fan of garbageman Delvar Dopson, as he faithfully pulled up on her street every Thursday to remove that weeks garbage.

She started a routine of waiting to see him come by on Thursdays, patiently waiting for the big garbage truck to come rambling down the street.

Perhaps it was the excitement of the big old truck, or the big old kindly smile Delvar flashed at her during his rounds, that contributed to her fanship.

Once the whole story got out to social media, little Brooklyn and Delmar were an internet sensation, and the story has been shared so far over a half of million times.

People love to hear about good things happening around them, in fact they need that restoration of faith in humanity.

Delvar has even received, fan mail and emails from people from all across the country, who have heard the story.

Here's a little of what transpired concerning the little girl, the garbageman, and the cupcake...

Every thursday my heart is full when I see the joy that our amazing garbage man brings Brooklyn

garbageman smiling with little girlgarbageman smiling with little girl

Brooklyn is his biggest fan she waits for him every Thursday

little girl waiting on garbage manlittle girl waiting on garbage man

Recently it was her birthday and she wanted to give him one of her cupcakes

garbageman hugging little girlgarbageman hugging little girl

I explained to him that he makes our day every Thursday wrote Brooklyn's mom

little girl hugging garbagemanlittle girl hugging garbageman

The story isn't over there though because next-week Delvar had his own surprise for Brooklyn

garbageman giving gifts to little girlgarbageman giving gifts to little girl

He pulled out the most amazing awesome and generous birthday gifts for her

garbageman gives presents to lille girlgarbageman gives presents to lille girl

His kindness towards her has touched my heart in a way I can't describe Thursdays rock thank you Delvar

little girl with thank you signlittle girl with thank you sign

Delvar had this to say:

"It doesn't matter if I'm a garbage man or if I'm a CFO at State Farm. We all have to discover our gift and be effective," said Dopson. "I mentor children and that is the passion in my heart.

"This is my job, but my (life's) work is ... to inspire the young," he added. "I believe everybody on earth has a gift. Once they discover that gift, that's when they can make a true difference.

"By me recognizing my gift, I think I'm affecting my workplace," he added. "I think everybody can do that."