16 Year Old Student Killed In Highschool Bathroom

16 yr old delaware hs student killed16 yr old delaware hs student killed

A truly tragic incident resulted in the far too soon loss of a child's life.

When will this world ever start respecting human life again?

A fight over a boy resulted in a 16 year old student losing her life.

The 16 year old student was in an altercation with another female student, in the school bathroom of a Delaware High School, a fight broke out and other female students entered the bathroom and jumped on the 16 year old.

During the fight the 16 year old student after getting her head slammed into a sink, fell unconscious.

Authorities were notified and ems took the student out of the school to a helicopter to take her to the nearest medical center.

There efforts failed, and the 16 year old succumbed to her injuries.

The parents of the child as well as the parents of the perpetrators must be totally devastated.

There are so many victims, when these type of senseless things happen.

Hopefully other teens as well as parents will learn from this.

UPDATE: Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was identified as the 16 year old victim.
16 Year Old Student Killed In Highschool Bathroom

Here's a photo of her from Instagram