New Michael Jackson Song You Never Heard Going Viral

michael jackson new dance

New Michael Jackson Song You Never Heard Going Viral.

Billie Jean & I Dab Full Video OFFICIAL VIDEO MIX

The lyrics are incredible.

The song and the visuals pump you up.

True Michael Jackson fans are excited at the montage clips of MJ's greatest performances mixed with the music of today's generation.

new michael jackson dab videonew michael jackson dab video

You could visualize Michael Jackson today, smiling that easy amused smile of his, if he was sitting back listening to this song right now.

Fans long for anything that renews their enjoyment of the greatest performer that ever walked this planet, whether it's a hologram of Michael Jackson, an great imitation, or just reviewing his many videos..

Many people have fun imitating him, from adults imitating Mj to amazing kids imitating the King of Pop.

Fans can't get enough of him, and there will always be something to remind you of him.

The Iconic Icon..........Push Play and Dab Along...

Something tells us the KING OF POP is looking down smiling at his fans.

king of pop smiling

michael jackson dabmichael jackson dab