Justin Bieber Choked After Using Man's Arm For Ashtray

Justin Bieber Choked After Using Man's Arm For Ashtray.

Where There's Smoke..

There's fire and when that fire is on the tip of a cigarette, you usually try not to burn anyone with it.

That is not what Justin Bieber does obviously, as he was caught on video enjoying himself, singing and dancing, while Post Malone was performing to the crowd.

Bieber mischievously smiles, looks at Post Malone's (rapper best known for his hit single "White Iverson) arm and sets his lit cigarette on it, not in the way you see in the movies when someone is torturing someone, but nevertheless he places the lit cigarette on the man's arm and smiles.

Post Malone obviously was too geeked up to feel it, but as the following picture shows, when he did realize what Justin Bieber had done, he responded with a handful of Justin's neck, in a pretty mean looking choke-hold.

justin bieber chokingjustin bieber choking

Bieber later stated, it was all in fun and that's the way both of them play with each other.