Lemur Bossing A Couple Of Kids Around Will Make Your Day

Lemur Bossing A Couple Of Kids Around Will Make Your Day.

lemur demanding to be scratched by kids

Don't Stop. Keep Going.

That's what this cute Lemur instructs these two young kids, that find out one of life's lessons.

Once you go scratch, you never go back..to what you were doing before.

You will be caught up in one continuous scratching session.

We all know how good it feels to get a back rub, or have someone scratch an itch we can't reach.

This Lemur seems to be able to easily reach the back area he wants scratched, but either he's too lazy to do it himself, it feels so much better when someone else does it, or he loves being pampered. Then again, it could be all three.

Either way, these little kids probably never expected, what they were getting themselves into.

The little Lemur, at no time during his scratching session, seems in the least little bit ready for the activity to stop.

kids scratch lemurs back

Some say TIl This Day, those two little kids are scratching little Lemur's Back.

Awww, probably the cutest thing you saw today.