Facebook Shutdown"The Shade Room"4.4 Million Fanpage

facebook removes the shade room

Facebook Shutdown"The Shade Room"4.4 Million Fanpage

Talk About Throwing Shade, Facebook Threw Major Shade On The Shade Room.

If you look for it or click a link, all you will get is a Sorry this page is not available, the link you followed may be broken, or the page MAY have been removed. Well, one thing is for sure, the MAY is most definitely a HAS.

A few people reading this update on the Fanpage removal, probably will have a lightbulb go off in their head and say, I knew! I wasn't seeing any posts from The Shade Room.

The Shade Room started back in 2014 on Instagram, and quickly grew into a viral celebrity gossip site. At it's peak the fan numbers on Instagram were approx. 4.1 million, on Twitter approx. 80 thousand, on YouTube approx. 40 thousand, email accounts approx. 40 thousand, and on Facebook 4.4 Million.

Angie Nwandu, the founder of The Shade Room, stated she has no idea of the specific reason for the takedown of the page, but surmised that Facebook was generalizing it had to do with some type of Violation of Community Standards.

Sometimes you miss a few rules of Facebook, by not doing your due diligence, or misconstruing something.

This is not the first time that, Angie Nwandu has had trouble with a social site, about a year ago Instagram shut down her account, but the site was back up hours later with a new account and an apology from Instagram.

Sometimes even when you trying to do right, you get caught doing the wrong thing on Facebook.

The Shade Room does have a website, but as with most socially fueled websites, much of the activity takes place on the Social Media sites.

Even though in this case if you have 4.4 million followers, they will find you wherever you reside, if they like your content. If you love a certain food and if that establishment closes down, you will find out it's other locations. One great thing about the internet is, it only takes a few keystrokes, clicking an app or a bookmark.

It's always a chancy thing when you run a site and most of your traffic is from one major source, you are basically at the mercy of that entity. For now Nwandu has been cut off from over 4 million fans, but she still has over 4 million that can easily access her celebrity gossip content, through regular channels.

For now though, Facebook has closed the door to The Shade Room.

They slammed the door in their face, so quick it wasn't funny.

Facebook shuts door on the shade room

4.4 Million Fans Gone In A Instant. Faster than a magician disappearing off stage.

4.4 million fans gone from shaderoom

All that's left now is for The Shade Room to try and appeal the action.

begging for mercy

Even if the first appeal falls on deaf ears they will have to keep on trying, after all that's 4.4 million fans at stake. Beg, borrowing and stealing may have to come into play.

mercy plea being made

If that doesn't work, they may have to enlist in the help of others, to promote their cause.

man offering help

You never know Facebook could be stubborn and unyielding.

person making an appeal getting denied

Or they could get worn down, and say the magic words....

woman forgiving someone

We Will Just Have To Wait And See.