Top 10 Highest Paying ILLEGAL Jobs On The Planet

Top 10 Highest Paying ILLEGAL Jobs On The Planet.

Crime pays until you get caught.

There's one thing about criminals, and that is they think they are all smarter than the system.

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The thing is, the average person would never know how well they were doing at their illegal trade if they had not been caught.

Jails are full of these individuals, who lived the fast life, the rich life and the infamous life.

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Each one of them utilized one of the Top 10 Highest Paying Illegal jobs, you are about to learn about.

You have to be a special type of person, probably half-insane, fearless, cold and calculating, to even think of entering the realm of most of these activities.

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The lion's share of them, can only be done by certain individuals, where a couple of them can be done by crafty individuals.

Number 2 did not shock us at all, but it stands to show how bad of a shape we are in, and that we have to be cautious in all endeavors.

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These come with a Do Not Try At Home Warning, that includes an addendum..Do Not Try Anytime or Anywhere.

Push the play button to activate the countdown....

Word to the Wise Fuggetaboutit.



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