Game Of Thrones Sophie Turner Does Impressions

sophie turner as sansa stark

Sophie Turner has surprisingly taken to the Big Little screen to show off her talented skills of impressions and impersonations.

Who would have known she had all these extras in her talents and abilities war chest.

sophie turner impersonates adele jon stark

She did not hesitate to impersonate Jon Snow, Justin Bieber and Adele.

In fact she did them singing in different voices, and included their physical mannerisms.

You get to breath a sign of relief for Sophie Turner as she engages in some light-hearted humor, because we all know she tugs at our heart strings, with all the suffering she does as Game Of Throne's Sansa Stark.

Sansa Stark has a very hard life on GoT, but she does prevail from time to time.

Her impressions are definitely humorous and will afford watchers a good laugh.

A very charismatic and beautiful young celebrity star.


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