Man Goes To Dentist For Tooth Removal-Wakes Up No Teeth

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Man Goes To Dentist To Get 4 Of His Teeth Removed-Wakes Up With No Teeth At All

Talk about being afraid to go to the Dentist, this could be the best reason why, or it could be you may have seen some horrible dentist tools.

Little did this Indiana man know that his trip to the dentist would leave him completely toothless.

We would imagine that most people would be totally horrified at the mere thought of this happening.

Even gangsters who rough up people only yank a couple of teeth out there victims mouth.

What would possess a dentist to do such an extreme thing to a patient, nothing they could say could ever be accepted.

The true facts about teeth are they not only help us eat, but also look better.

If the man had a more severe dental problem, the thing to do would have been to extract the initial 4 teeth, and when the patient regained consciousness, had a conversation on what next steps would be agreeable.

This dentist sounds like he's straight out of some mad scientist novel.

crazy dentist pulls all mans teeth outcrazy dentist pulls all mans teeth out

The patient Donny Grisby, 36, ended up covered in blood in an ambulance and fighting for his life, after the incident.

donny grisby with teethdonny grisby with teeth

He not only is left totally toothless, but he also has to now use an oxygen tank due to complications.

donny grisby with no teethdonny grisby with no teeth

donny grisby man who dentist pulled all his teeth outdonny grisby man who dentist pulled all his teeth out

He will be able to buy the best dentures ever after he wins a million dollar law suit.