Barracuda Attacks Girl Fishing With Father

funny look on girls face after barracuda attackfunny look on girls face after barracuda attack

Girl has a bad day when she goes fishing with her father.

Go fishing with your father they said... it'll be fun they said, but it definitely wasn't for her.

It was all due to a Barracuda biting her.

It was a nice day for a family outing, so 14 year old, Koral Wira, her parents and a friend, headed out to do a little fishing.

They headed out to a spot, near Venice, Fla., anchored about 4 miles offshore and baited up the poles.

Koral's Dad, Rob Parker, never anticipated what the fishing excursion would end up like.

While Koral was moving out of the direct sun, she heard a splash and saw a long silver object jumping from the water.

It was a barracuda and his eyes were set on Koral's arm, seconds later she felt the bite.

As you would expect, the fishing excursion was curtailed, but not before the dad had a few photos snapped.

Koral was a little trooper as she took part in the photos, hopefully they did get medical help right after.

[centergirl fishing with dad[/center]
koral wira fishing with family

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