Shocking Reveal-What Prisoners On Death Row Get For A Last Meal

What Prisoners On Death Row Get For A Last Meal.

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Shocking Reveal-What Prisoners On Death Row Get For A Last Meal

You would imagine that a Death Row inmate, would be granted anything they want for their last meal, after all, they are about to be executed.

But, there are rules for everything, even though obviously the inmate didn't adhere to the rules of society, and that's why they ended up on Death Row.

Granting a last meal request generally is granted withing reason, if the request is for 50 burgers, or exotic food flown in, some reasonable facsimile thereof is given.

Some request may be too outlandish to even attempt some reasonable replacement. There are usually limits on the cost, local food runs, or just what's on the prison grounds.

Request are usually fulfilled a few hours close to the execution time.

Reporters often are curious what some inmates request, but if the inmate wants his request secret, it is not revealed.

There is something about cheeseburgers and fries though, this is one of the most requested last meals.

The inmates have to settle for a cold shake, juice, pop, water, or something else on that line, because alcohol is forbidden from all last meals. The staff doesn't want any alcohol induced emotional outbreaks, when it's time to take the walk. (even though convicted killer Gary Gilmore did receive 3 shots of Jack Daniels Whiskey with his last meal).

Different states and countries have different rules, for example in France, they usually give out a little cup of rum, because they don't announce the executions until the last moments before.

Most States in the U.S. acknowledge the old last meal rights of passage rituals, but Texas eliminated any last meal request in 2011.

Here's a few images of Last Meal Requests of Notorious Inmates, before they heard the bellowing of, "Dead Man Walking".

Probably one of the weirdest request was by murderer Victor Feguer, who requested a single olive with the pit still in it.

John Wayne Gacy Had A Real Mouth-watering meal.

Images by Photographer Henry Hargreaves. More information can be found at the end of this article

Shocking Reveal-What Prisoners On Death Row Get For A Last Meal

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